Everyone needs someone to talk to. Sometimes we tend to keep silent about our frustrations or problems for which we need solutions and think we can handle it alone. Actually, opening up and talking about your problems out loud can be very helpful in putting things in perspective when dealing with difficult situations. There is no shame in asking for help.

Typical questions you might have:

What is causing my anxiety and how do I manage it?
What is causing me so much stress and how do I overcome it?
My relationship is falling apart, why and what do we need to do?
My family member is ill, how do I cope?

These are just a few topics for which I can help you with. We will work together to look deeply into your situation without judgement and reach a solution to help you overcome your problems.


Private Individual Sessions
€25 / intake
€85 / hour
Package Deals:
€900 / 12 hours
€1440 / 24 hours
Sessions via Face-to-face, Skype or Telephone
Prices exclude BTW  –  Prices do not include workbook  –  Travel cost 0.28 per km