Career Coaching

You deserve the best career in life. Invest in yourself and reach high for your goals. We can all use help when it comes to deciding what career path we should follow. Career coaching can help you make that change you are looking for. Do you want to change your career or find another company to work for?

Typical questions you might have:

How can I improve my resume and my personal branding?
What are my career objectives?
How do I start to make that change in my career?
How do I improve my work relationships?
How do make myself feel more confident?

These are just a few topics for which I can help you discover your goals or solutions to your problems. We will work together to overcome the obstacles and reach your personal goals.


Private Individual Sessions
€25 / intake
€85 / hour
  Package Deals:
€900 / 12 hours
€1440 / 24 hours
Sessions via Face-to-face, Skype or Telephone
Prices exclude BTW  –  Prices do not include workbook  –  Travel cost 0.28 per km