Life Coaching

We are all different and we all have a purpose in life. Sometimes we get lost, overwhelmed or stuck in life and that is when we need to ask for help.
Coaching can help you gain focus, reach your goals and help you turn your life around. Only you have the power to make that change.


Do you want to work on your happiness? Let me help you get there.

Typical questions you might have:

How do I become more assertive?
How do I ensure a good work-life balance?
How do I make better choices?
How do I reach my full potential?
What are my life goals?

These are just a few topics for which I can help you discover your goals or solutions to your problems. We will work together to overcome the obstacles and reach your personal goals.


Private Individual Sessions
€25 / intake
€85 / hour
Package Deals:
€900 / 12 hours
€1440 / 24 hours
Sessions via Face-to-face, Skype or Telephone
Prices exclude BTW  –  Prices do not include workbook  –  Travel cost 0.28 per km