"Sometimes you need some support which facilitates to question and resolve particular situations in the life. Rachel was my coach for a couple of months and was a great person who was able to share her knowledge and by being practical, we developed several strategies which helped me to resolve questions of my life. She specifically focused on my professional development and by understanding my goals and objectives she proposed a list of steps which were clear and concise instructions to follow and apply. During our sessions there was always a good communication, she was very helpful in trying to define a problem and how to tackle the situation without being in panic or giving up. The ability to cheer me up and always find a way to solve particular situations whereas, was a skill that a good mentor should have and Rachel was one of the persons with that. During my job hunting, was important to explore several aspect of my life and her professional services were a good element to build up trust. It was not difficult to break up the ice. Always happy, clear, open to listen and very kind. Thanks to her support and professionalism, I have a job and I have resolved part of my problems. She has motivation and willingness to help, important facts for anyone who wants to have a coaching session.

-Sebastian R. "

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