Utrecht, 28th July, 2017

To whom it may concern: My name is Sonia M., I am consultant and researcher from Chile and I have worked for the public and private sectors in Chile and Brazil during the last eight years. During 2016, living in The Netherlands I started my job search and a friend recommended me Rachel, after having a successful experience with her guidance as a career coach. From December 2016 until March 2017 we had weekly sessions with Rachel by Skype, and after four months I accomplished my goal of being hired as a researcher in The Netherlands. Currently, I work for the CWTS, Centre for Science and Technology Studies of Leiden University, performing research in the field of Bibliometric and Science research. Since the first sessions with Rachel, she demonstrated immediately enormous and innate talent as a coach professional. During that time, she accompanied me through the difficult period of unemployment, helped me to retrieve and re-build the diminished self-esteem carried by a jobless situation and encouraged me to set realistic goals and to deal with frustration in a healthy way. Rachel, equilibrates in a perfect manner the incentive for self-discipline and not being extremely self-demanding. Her kindly approach, genuine concern and experience gave me the confidence and right amount of motivation to accomplish this challenge. In this way I will deeply recommend Rachel as a coach, based on my personal experience of brief and incredible outputs. Rachel is a very responsible professional, organized, empathic and goes beyond her professional role to understand the emotional background of someone, identifying its personal barriers and helping to overcome them. Her communication skills are outstanding and using a direct- honest dialogue and intuitive listening, smoothly guiding to concrete goals and aspirations. I would recommend Rachel to any institution, company or consulting services associated with career coaching, training and counselling.

Sincerely, Sonia M.

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